What is the art of the Green Wall?

What is the art of the Green Wall?

A simple definition of Green Wall Art: Green wall art is essentially any wall art that embodies green elements such as plants, moss or ferns–living or preserved. There are many kinds of moss, grasses and other natural components that we use in our art to create a unique creation that can truly transform your room when it is mounted or hung on the wall.

We generate moss walls from ground to ceiling that cover your wall; we can wrap our designs around pillars or in foyers. We design framed items as well, shop our collection of green wall art to see some examples. This distinctive wall art, large or tiny, adds a wow factor to almost any living or operating room. It can give visitors, friends, families, customers, interviewees and investors an incredible first impression, improving their mood and general perception of your company.

Green art boosts your mental health Did you understand that it is essential to have access to crops, trees and greenery to maintain mental health and keep depression at bay? Studies demonstrate that not only can art incorporating natural components provide a favorable boost to mental health, a 2015 research by the Journal Of Environmental Psychology also showed that only 40 seconds of exposure to nature can contribute to concentration and concentrate, decreasing diversion in the workplace and boosting productivity.

Living Vs. Preserved

Living Green Art: Green wall art produced from live crops is often called a living art or a living wall. These are common, but a lot of maintenance is required. Living art can last for about 25 years (at least in theory). It takes a lot of care and attention, though. Most of the parts involve more care and maintenance than the average house plant that requires water, fertilizer, adequate drainage and access to sunlight or artificial growing lights. It may also require reinforced walls to support the weight of living crops. It can be hard to offer the TLC they deserve to these amazing parts, particularly in a busy workplace.

Preserved Plants for Art

A streamlined solution for green wall art has been created by Artisan Moss. The excellent thing about our moss art is that it offers all the advantages of living art in terms of mood and cognition, without having time and money to care for living walls.

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