Preserved Moss

Preserved Moss

Unlike artificial moss, preserved moss looks and feels like living moss because it’s like it in all the respects it matters! Preserved moss can last a lifetime without any maintenance, except for occasional dusting! Preserved mouse is not breathing like living mouse. Its look and feel is quite natural, however, and as such, you and your family / friends / workforce benefit from all the mood boosting and cognitive advantages of a living wall. Furthermore, preserved moss maintains for decades its unique beauty.

Moss walls are cheaper to keep as well.

Preserved moss does not require irrigation infrastructure, which means it can be installed at a much reduced price with minimal fuss and disturbance when installed.

If you’re searching with your wall art to create a distinctive declaration, nearly everyone can profit from a moss wall. By contrast, living walls are more costly and more difficult to keep… and artificial moss is (sorry!) somewhat useless.

Preserved moss provides the best of both worlds, providing with just a fraction of the duty almost all of the natural benefits of living walls.

Find out a few methods to add preserved moss botanical art to your room!

Artisan Moss creates distinctive, preserved moss botanical creations. Contact us if you want to begin a custom project or shop online!

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