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 Do you provide any process to rejuvenate the moss?

Yes it can be refreshed with a special natural  after dye. The product was developed in a complex process.


 What are the precautions we need to undertake?


You can enjoy the bright colors of your greenery for as long as possible,without exposing the green works  art to direct  UV light or direct source of heat.

Keep away warm places such as above the heating or by the fireplace and . HALOGEN light can also cause premature bleaching. LED lamps are the perfect light source

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 Do we need to water the moss?


Our natural preserved green works of art ‘Do not tolerate water’. Therefore do not water them and avoid contact with water.

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How long do they last?

They last up to 3-4 years.

The Natural Preservation preserve the  properties of the plants and mosses, they retain their original appearance and feel on the walls just as they did during harvesting.

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 Any extra measures?

Please treat GreenRoad products like a real plants- carefully and with caution- and you will enjoy it for long.

There should be no mechanical contact, as that could cause damage, especially please do not press or bend, do not lean on it or even walk over it.



 How do we maintain it?

We at GreenRoad have the service of maintenance. A professional team which can help you  keep the green wall fresh and green.

You can also maintain it yourself as the living green plants are easy to maintain and will not take much of your time. Includes automatic watering system which is done twice a week.

Apart from this we also provide a maintenance program where we could train the individuals responsible to take care of the living green wall.


 What makes these special?

Green living walls are made of fresh natural  plants. They are really easy to maintain and gives you the perfect feel of nature

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What are the kind of plants used?

We use green indoor plants which are selected and chosen carefully to give the luscious  and natural look to your wall. To name a few they are  Epipremnum Aureum,  Epipremnum n’joy,  Epipremnum marble queen,  Scindapsus pictus argyraeus